Rage against the dying of the light.

A journey ends, a journey begins.

Session 1: The convergence.

The circle is drawn from across creation, meeting in together in the Plodna Dolina region. Confused by the meaning of the magic that binds them, they tried to understand why they had been brought together.

Their introductions were interrupted by a Guild courier who nervously delivered a letter from an apparent ally known only as Itinerant Wisdom. Their union was bonded by the wise words of Zui Hóu the Astute and they decided to follow the advice of the letter’s author, heading northwest towards Rana.

In previous times the western road to Rana was a peaceful place, but as night fell it was plagued by bandits, lead by the fierce Bescutya Vijer. Easily bested, most the bandits fled, but their leader was not so lucky being crushed by a tree that had been struck by lightening as a result of a prayer from Eudoria the Prevailer. She was relieved from her agony by the noble Indrajit, before the party followed a trail found by the eagle eyed Imperia, followed by the merchant Iskren the Well Informed

The trail lead to a tiny door on a mud bank at the shores of a lake. Expecting it to be abandoned, Indrajit ripped open the door to find a whole bandit troop. Through quick wits and coordination, the circle convinced the guardsman that they were new recruits and blagged their way inside, with Imperia remaining outside to look for another entrance.

After a brief conversation, suspicions were raised by the bandits but they did not expect the roof of their hideout to suddenly collapse, a result of Imperia and her noble companion Archimassivo “finding” a door.

The party stand facing a confused and angry mob of bandits led by a terrifying captain. Will they prevail and if they do, what will they find in the hideout? Why are there bandits plaguing these roads? Will they ever make it to Rana? Find out next week in the following episode of Rage Against the Dying of the Light!


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