Rage against the dying of the light.

Knock Knock

Session 2: The Bandit Hideout

After a spectacular entrance to the bandit hideout, the circle quickly set about dismantling the cruel bandit company. 40 bandits, 2 bandit lieutenants and the cruel bandit captain Sakachen Vati rounded on the circle of Solars. In the blink of an eye Indrajit had formulated a battle plan: Indrajit and Zui Hóu the Astute sprang to defend Eudoria the Prevailer, allowing her to establish a position where she could rain down death from afar. Meanwhile the cunning Imperia skulked into the shadows, using the turmoil produced by Archimassivo as a distraction.

Within the first few second, devastating damage was heaped upon the bandit troop, partly as a result of Archimassivo launching a smouldering pig carcass across the room, battering bandits with delectable greasy carnage. Indrajit and Zui Hou efficiently dispatch more bandits before rounding on one of the lieutenants, who was quickly dispatched by a mighty blow from Indrajit’s hammer. Enraged by the death of his friend, the second bandit lieutenant stabbed Indrajit with a vicious blow, that would have surely killed almost any other being in Creation.

Eudoria turned to the bandit lieutenant and released an arrow that staggered him before Zui Hou unleashed his “Thunder Hammer Blow” technique, sending the bandit lieutenant hurtling across the room and colliding with the captain. The captain, dazed by the blow wildly attacked Archimassivo ineffectually. Eudoria put an end to the conflict by finishing the captain with a final arrow.

In the aftermath of the battle Eudoria prayed by the stricken Indrajit’s side, inspiring him to survive while Soushenji looked for some herbs to stop his bleeding. The rest of the circle investigated the hide out, and found 4 small children held captive behind a gate leading down to a long dark corridor. The children clung to Zui Hou and Imperia, pleading to see their parents.

Later, Eudoria, Indrajit and Soushenji were inspecting the hideout. Indrajit noticed the bandit hideout was built in the long hidden entrance to an ancient first age dam . Eudoria and Soushenji poored over correspondence from a mysterious “G” to the bandit captain, outlining a plan to reign terror over the western road to Rana.

Iskren the Well Informed was caught looking through the hideout and when pressed he revealed that he trades in rare occult artefacts, and a dangerous idol was taken from him a week ago. He struck a very favourable deal with the circle, thanks to Eudoria’s powerful bargaining techniques, to return the idol to him.

What lies ahead for our intrepid heroes? What is this great edifice that they have discovered? Will they return the children to Rana and if they do what will they find when they get there? Who is the mysterious “G” and why were the bandits attacking the road? We’ll find out the answer in next week’s episode of “Rage Against the Dying of the Light”!


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