A letter from Itinerant Wisdom

To my glorious exalted brethren,

My name is Itinerant Wisdom. I apologise that I cannot be at that ancient meeting point with you all, my presence at this time would doom your legend before it has been fully birthed. I did not make the magic that gathered you, I merely predicted its existence.

I have tried to shroud your existence but you are still in great danger, the Wild Hunt will come for you and when they do you must be ready. There is a town to the north east called Rana, I have calculated that they will be a valuable resource in the coming months. Demonstrate your greatness and they will accept you as their saviours.

The world was diminished by my forebears when they exterminated your kind. I, and my allies, intend to do everything we can to rectify this atrocity. The light of Creation is dying, it is my belief that your circle is the only ward against eternal darkness. Let your glory turn the heads of the Incarnae towards creation once again.

I will come to meet you when the stars allow. Until then, may the fortune of the Maidens rain down upon you.

Itinerant Wisdom

A letter from Itinerant Wisdom

Rage against the dying of the light. ChrisWellsWood ChrisWellsWood