A magical chimera of an owl, bear and an ape.


Essence: 2; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice; Personal Motes: 50

Health Levels: -0/-1×3/-2×3/-4/Incap.


Climbing and Brachiation: 7 dice; Feats of Strength: 10 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats); Resist Poison/Illness: 8 dice; Senses: 6 dice; Stealth: 6 dice; Threaten: 7 dice; Tracking: 5 dice


Appearance 3, Resolve 3, Guile 2


Attack (Claw): 11 dice (Damage 15)
Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (10 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 7 dice
Evasion 2, Parry 4
Soak/Hardness: 7/0]


Brutal Pounce (4m; Simple; Instant; Withering-only; Essence 1):
If the Archimassivo deals 5+ damage to an enemy with this withering attack, that character is knocked prone. If the Initiative damage brought them below the chimera’s Initiative, Archimassivo may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a decisive attack against them. The reflexive attack power of this Charm can only be used once per fight unless reset by landing three successful withering attacks.

Rending Claw Slash (5m, 1i; Supplemental; Instant; Uniform; Essence 1):
When the blood-ape savages a grappled enemy, it doubles 9s on the damage roll. If it receives 6+ extra successes on the attack roll, double 8s as well.


The culmination of a series of arcane experiments, Archimassivo is an awe inspiring chimera formed from a fusion of the essence of an ape, a bear and an owl. It is a terrifying mix brute power and fierce cunning, and is more intelligent than the average human. This creature is Imperia’s most trusted ally.


Rage against the dying of the light. ChrisWellsWood staceymaywood